‘Didi’ Alleges BJP for Creating Panic over NRC

24-09-2019 12:54:52
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The West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, has on Monday accused the BJP of creating panic over Assam Citizens' List in the state. She also claimed. The list has led to six deaths in the West Bengal.

While, addressing a trade unions meet in Kolkata, Banerjee said that she would not allow the NRC exercise in West Bengal.

She added, “The NRC exercise will not be carried out in Bengal or other places across the country. It was pursued in Assam due to the Assam Accord”.

As per the Assam Accord, an agreement signed in 1985 between the then Rajiv Gandhi government and the All Assam Students' Union, had ended a six-year mass movement against immigrants alleged to have settled illegally from Bangladesh.

"Shame on the BJP for creating panic over NRC in Bengal, it has led to six deaths. Have faith in me, I will never allow the exercise in Bengal," Ms Banerjee said, without elaborating further.

Banarjee criticized the BJP for ‘ignoring the value of democracy’ in the country. “Democracy exists in Bengal but it is under threat in several other parts of the country”, the WB, Chief Minister added. 

“The saffron party is neither talking about economic slowdown nor is it concentrating on job losses. All the party want is nothing but its vested political interests”, Banarjee reiterated.   


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