Complete lockdown necessary for COVID control in Delhi: Congress

18-11-2020 11:11:05
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The Congress on Tuesday said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's strategy of restricted functioning of the markets was not right, rather, the same would further increase the virus spread, therefore, there must be a complete lockdown of markets.

Congress Spokesperson Ajay Maken, speaking to the media here, said that instead of closing markets in a limited manner, there must be a complete lockdown of markets and similarly, the metro services should also not function in a regulated manner, the way it is functioning now.

He said this way, the crowd would be concentrated in a particular place and instead of control, the COVID spread would rather increase.

In this manner, people would reach out in large numbers at particular places, and similarly if metro continues to function in the similar manner, more people would travel at one time.

Mr Maken said that out of every five people losing their life to COVID in India, one person was from Delhi, and the national capital has the maximum case count of COVID across the nation.

As per the current situation, the number of ICU beds in the city were very less.

Taking a dig at the Delhi Chief Minister, Mr Maken said that instead of spending Rs 32 crore on Deepawali advertisements, had the money been spent on COVID control, the city could have made more arrangement of COVID beds, which would have helped in COVID control.


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