‘Howdy-Modi’ Emerges as a Fresh Hope of Rays & Confidence

05-10-2019 13:31:28
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With enormous reactions to ‘Howdy Modi’ program recently in Houston has once again shown a rising India. The prevalent scenario is clearly indicating the fact that claims rightfulness and multilevel growth and development of the nation under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

This mega event was organized on the soil of US and was graced by US President, Donald Trump. The important personalities cutting across party lines, ‘Howdy Modi’ enthralled the audience with the right chemistry and encouraging equations between the leaders of both the great democracies of the world. In an atmosphere electrified with the repeated applauses and ovations, the speeches by leaders drew enthusiastic response from more than 50,000 strong gathering on the occasion.

The outstanding message of the Indian PM spread like a message of a nation that is confident to meet the aspirations of its people and contribute towards the peace and prosperity of the entire world.

It was a moment recorded in the history with indelible imprint when India is watched by the world with hope and expectations. Now there is not an iota of doubt in the minds of the world community that India has arrived, and arrived with full confidence and determination to contribute positively in every sphere of life.

The US president’s presence throughout the event and his speech emphasizing his determination to fight against “radical Islamic Terrorism” was made with a long standing ovation from the gathering. His mention of the issue of border security also bears immense significance for India.

Indian PM drew a parallel between 9/11 terror attack on US and 26/11 terror attack against India to further strengthen the resolve of both countries in the fight against terrorism. The mention of the abrogation of Article 370 by PM Modi was greeted with thunderous applause from the audience showing all round approval and support for this historic and courageous decision by the Modi government. He rightly emphasized that this decision to say ‘farewell’ to the article has granted equal rights to the people of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh along with the citizens of the rest of India. The audience constituting mainly of the Indian Americans gave a standing ovation to the members of the parliament who passed this decision overwhelmingly even with more than 2/3rd majority in both houses of the parliament.

The Prime Minister also appealed to the audience to give standing ovation to the President Trump for his determination in fight against terrorism to which a long round of applauses was given by the people. The atmosphere was surcharged with the feelings for their motherland displayed by the members of Indian Diaspora who made the event a huge success with their massive support and presence.

Further, Indian PM reassured the audience of the bright future of India awaiting in wake of Indian government’s resolve to change challenges into opportunities. While saying everything was fine with India he recounted various innovative projects and outcomes amid the chants of cheering crowd. While sharing his vision he was able to inspire confidence in the audience about his resolve to meet every challenge with confidence and determination. One of the most important achievements can be seen in the fruition of his consistent efforts at the international forums to bring terrorism at the top of the global agenda. 

 (With Inputs from BJP Mouthpiece)   


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