Impact of lockdown: People imprisoned in homes have reduced the level of air pollution

03-04-2020 13:26:47
By : Shrishti Nagar

A month ago, when China closed its major areas due to the increase in cases of Coronavirus, there had been a significant decline in pollution levels across the country. Similarly, the lockdown has been going on in India since March 25 and like China, air quality is improving here with an increasing number of coronavirus cases. Reports show that the air quality data of major Indian cities and found that the average air quality index (AQI) improved by 33 percent between March 16-27 in the country. The data shows that the average AQI(Air Quality Index) between 16 and 24 March in Indian cities was 115. From the first day of the lockdown i.e. March 21, the air quality started showing improvement, which continues till now. The average AQI fell to 75 in the first three days of lockdown.


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