Biden wins Georgia, setbacks mount for Trump

20-11-2020 16:33:51
By : Twinkle Singh

The recounting of votes by hand in the state of Georgia confirmed on Friday that Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the state even as legal efforts by Donald Trump's supporters to challenge his defeat were dismissed in as many as three states.

The margin of victory for Biden in Georgia was a narrow one, with only 12,284 votes separating the two candidates.

Overall Mr Biden got 5.9 million popular votes than Mr Trump. With the conformation from Georgia Mr Biden now has 306 Electoral College votes as against 232 for Mr Trump.

Mr Biden is set to take office in January as the 46th US president.

Mr Trump has so far refused to concede and has made allegations of widespread electoral fraud, without providing any evidence, leading to Mr Biden once again criticising Mr Trump, saying that knew he was not going to win and had shown "incredible irresponsibility" by not conceding.


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