Britain: 106-year-old lady defeated corona virus

16-04-2020 12:54:54
By : Shrishti Nagar

Coronavirus preys on people of all ages. Especially the elderly people infected with this virus are most likely to die, but in Britain, an elderly of 106 defeated the coronavirus. Fighting the battle of life and death in the hospital for three weeks, this woman has finally won. Now she has recovered and reached her home. She is the oldest woman to beat Corona in Britain.

 Returned home in 3 weeks, this lady named Connie Titchen lives in Birmingham, UK. When they were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday, the view was worth seeing. The hospital staff sent them to the house amid applause. Titchen said, 'I am very lucky that I have defeated the coronavirus. Now I want to see the people of my family.


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