CBI has established itself as the premier agency which is trusted by all: Justice Maheshwari

04-01-2022 10:59:56
By : Twinkle Singh

Supreme Court Judge Justice Dinesh Maheshwari on Monday said the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has established itself as the premier agency which is trusted by all across the board, right from a common man to the top administrators, it was reported here on Tuesday.

Justice Maheshwari said this while addressing the passing out ceremony of the 24th batch of the Sub-Inspector probationers of CBI at the CBI Academy, Ghaziabad, “More the trust, more the faith in you, more is your responsibility”, he added.

Referring to the new age challenges before investigators, Justice Maheshwari said that the young officers continuously upgrade their knowledge through persistent and inquisitive zeal, which is going to be their biggest ally, biggest support, the biggest asset in the times to come.

“Do not forget that whenever constitutional courts want that matters must be presented to them with impeccable true facts, it is the CBI which is called upon for the purpose”, Justice Maheshwari added.

“Beyond personal integrity, you need to understand and inculcate institutional integrity and that is, what is more important. Your individual integrity, we will have no doubt about, but then, institutional integrity, again, calls upon you to understand what your surroundings are, what your institution requires, what is required of the best of your ‘I’ to our ‘we”. Your actions must be, at all times, in consonance with the strong moral and ethical code of conduct that CBI as an institution represents. It will be upon you to investigate impartially, to strive to seek the truth and thoroughly to assist the Court of Law in coming to a decision which upholds the cause of justice,” said Justice Maheshwari.


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