China is creating pressure on many countries, our army is with India: White House

07-07-2020 12:04:13
By : Shrishti Nagar

The dispute between India and China on the border is now towards the end and there are signs of softening between the two countries. Meanwhile, on behalf of the US, it has been said that if the dispute between India and China increases, then the US Army will stand with India with full vigor.

According to the news agency, a White House official said that the message from the United States is clear that China's misconduct will not be tolerated any more. This is why the US has deployed its navy in the South China Sea.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadow interviewed Fox News on the issue of India and China. He said that our army is deployed all the time and is ready for combat.

Mark said that the American administration has always supported its army, we want to make it clear that if someone will create problems then the army is ready.


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