Chinese researchers design lightweight liquid metal

06-05-2020 13:39:23
By : Shrishti Nagar

Chinese researchers have invented a kind of lightweight liquid metal that can be used for manufacturing functional devices in diverse areas.

Liquid metals are of great importance in developing wearable devices and soft robotics owing to their high conductivity and flexibility. However, the heavy density of such metals may limit their applications in many areas.

Researchers from Tsinghua University designed a kind of lightweight liquid metal with composite materials. The lightweight liquid metal composite has only half the density of water, making it able to float on water. It retains good electric conductivity, high ductility and stiffness variability.

Researchers also designed a series of application scenarios with this material, such as electric circuits and underwater robots.

The lightweight liquid metal can be applied in many fields including 3D printing, underwater electronic devices, exoskeleton systems and soft robotics, according to the research team.

The research was published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.


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