Donald Trump Allege India, China and Russia for Not Taking their Air

30-07-2020 14:13:25
By : Pravin Mishra

The United States President, Donald Trump, said that India, China and Russia were not caring for their air, but America did. Trump noted that he withdrew from the one-sided, energy-destroying.

While delivering his speech, on energy, during his address at the Permian Basin in Midland of Texas, the US President said that by imposing these punishing restrictions and beyond restrictions - the Washington radical-left, crazy Democrats would also send countless American jobs, factories and industries to China and to other foreign polluting states.

Trump said, “They want us to take care of our air, but China doesn't take care of its air. In all fairness, India doesn't take care of its air. Russia doesn't take care of its air. But we do. Not on my watch, it's not going to happen -- I can tell you that. It's very simple”. For years and years, we put other countries first, and we now put America first. As we have seen in cities and towns across our nation, it's not just Texas oil that the radical Democrats want to destroy; they want to destroy our country. He added, “There's no respect for the American way of life. There is no way of life ever in history that's been like the great American way of life. There is no respect, but there is by you, and there is by 95 per cent of our people. Our people love our country, and our people love our anthem and they love our flag”.

Trump said that under the last administration, America's energy industry was under relentless and unceasing attack. He said that the day he had taken the oath of office, he had ended the war on American energy and he stopped the far-left assault on American energy workers. Observing that he withdrew from the one-sided, energy-destroying Paris climate accord, he said this was a disaster and cost the US billions of dollars.


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