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LUXURY KNOWS NO LIMITS : Forbes Global Properties to transform the real estate landscape in India


New Delhi, Jan 2024 : American giant Forbes is all set to enter the Indian real estate market with the grand debut of India Forbes Global Properties. Forbes is a hundred year-old brand associated with who's who of the world and millionaires around the globe.


India Forbes Global Properties is a natural extension of Forbes Global Properties. Membership for the firm is the invitation-only network reserved for the most distinguished brokerages in select cities and second-home destinations, representing many of the world's finest homes for sale.


 To transform the real estate landscape in India, as it experiences exponential growth; Forbes Global Properties will set a global benchmark of luxurious living in India. The platform will seamlessly connect high-net-worth individuals, investors, and real estate enthusiasts with some of the most coveted and distinctive properties in the country.


 It aims to showcase the finest properties from the most elite locations and the move also signals Forbes Global Properties' strategic expansion into one of the world's most dynamic and burgeoning markets, promising discerning investors unprecedented access to a curated portfolio of ultra-luxurious homes, estates, and premium developments. The post-covid world has witnessed a sudden surge in the sales market of property of luxury and high luxury. That is what has drawn Forbes Global Properties to India and makes India one of the most favoured nations for investment.


Forbes Global Properties' excitement towards entering the Indian real estate market was palpable, as we could see the CEO and the Board Chair of Forbes Global Properties announcing their plans to cater to India's ultra-luxurious living.


 In India's 14 Tier 1 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai, there have been 4.13 lakh new launches, out of which there were 14,754 luxury projects (per unit more than INR 5 crore) and almost all, 14,654 had immediate takers. It is noteworthy that the luxury projects make nearly 4% of the total launches.


 Announcing the launch Michael W. Jalbert, CEO, Forbes Global Properties, said, "It is an absolute honour to welcome India Forbes Global Properties to our international network. Our expansion into India is particularly meaningful. The nation's burgeoning markets present unlimited opportunities for discerning buyers and investors seeking ultra-luxurious homes, coveted estates, and premium developments."


While Matt Beall, Board Chair, Forbes Global Properties, said, "Forbes Global Properties is honoured to make its foray into the luxury real estate market in India. Through our newest member, India Forbes Global Properties, we look forward to introducing the world to a curated collection of homes that exemplify luxury and reflect the country's unique cultural and architectural diversity."


The Indian team too shared the excitement as A.K. Sharma, Chairman, India Forbes Global Properties said, "It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Forbes is launching Forbes Global Properties in India. As the Chairman, I firmly believe that this alliance will epitomize luxury in Indian real estate. The crème-de-la-crème of our nation deserves to find a space that complements their style and stature, and with Forbes, we are here to realize it for them." Mona Vij, Director, India Forbes Global Properties said, "Though luxury knows no limits, with Forbes Global Properties, we aspire to establish new standards of opulence, aiming to make it the cornerstone in Indian real estate. And as India experiences exponential growth, we are confident that our vision will set a global benchmark of luxurious living in India."



Forbes Global Properties aims to redefine the standards of luxury living in India by curating an exclusive selection of premium residences that embody sophistication, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship. The platform will seamlessly connect high-net-worth individuals, investors, and real estate enthusiasts with some of the most coveted and distinctive properties in the country. It aims to showcase the finest properties from the most elite locations.



Discerning clients can expect a diverse range of exceptional properties, from sprawling estates in the verdant hills of Himachal Pradesh to luxurious penthouses overlooking the Arabian Sea in Mumbai. Forbes Global Properties will showcase a carefully curated collection of homes that exemplify the epitome of luxury, reflecting the unique cultural and architectural diversity of India. Their first offering will be in New Delhi with a 7-acre plot with high end retail street, club and a luxurious hotel.


STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP: India Forbes Global Properties has tied up with the JV of Orange Smart City in Navi Mumbai for development of 1200 acres of land. The project will see a building of up to 10 lakh crore square feet amounting to Rupees 1 lakh 20 thousand crore. This will be amongst the first projects.


Apart from this India Forbes Global Properties in collaboration with leading real estate developers and agencies in India, Forbes Global Properties ensures seamless integration into the local market. This strategic partnership guarantees that the Forbes stamp of excellence is applied to each property featured on the platform, offering clients assurance of quality, exclusivity, and value. Besides entering the luxury and super luxury segment the Forbes Global Properties in India will either get a stake or buy out brokerage firms. India Forbes Global Properties will also have different verticals - Development & Management of Properties, Advisory, Financial Services, Facility Management, Hospitality Services, Event & Recognition Services.



MICHAEL JALBERT CEO, Forbes Global Properties

Michael leads Forbes Global Properties with more than two decades of proven experience in the global residential real estate industry, specifically focusing on the development and expansion of far-reaching international affiliate networks. Before Forbes Global Properties, Michael served as the Executive Vice President of Global Business Development at HS Affiliates LLC, where he worked with the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services teams, and specifically focused on the development and expansion of the international network. Prior to that, Michael was Vice Chairman and Partner at ERA Europe where he led the organization's successful growth efforts.


A K SHARMA Chairman, India Forbes Global Properties

A retired senior Indian Police Services (IPS) Officer from the 1987 Gujarat cadre, he served notably as the Additional Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Throughout his 34-year career, he garnered distinction, receiving the President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service and the Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Services. Specializing in bank and security fraud investigations, he also played a key role in Stressed Asset Management. His strategic acumen guides the organization, contributing to optimal future plans. Currently, he actively engages in the real estate sector, the second-largest economy in India, showcasing his ongoing commitment.


MONA VIJ Director, India Forbes Global Properties

With 25+ years across Real Estate, Project Management, Marketing Communication, and Brand & Business Development, Mona is a strategist in brand launches, market presence, and post-launch aspirational imagery. A trailblazer, Mona pioneered in-film tie-ups at Airtel, which was adopted industry-wide. Additionally, she has established an international initiative that fosters innovations in the telecom sector among the youth. Notably, she played a key role in securing the Indirapuram Habitat Centre Project- a distinctive 2 million sq. ft. venture.


SANJAY KACKAR Chief Business Officer, India Forbes Global Properties

With over 32 years of experience, he enriches our team with invaluable expertise, focusing on the dynamic real estate sector. A seasoned professional, his track record and industry insight make him adept at driving growth, providing visionary leadership, generating revenue, and achieving sustainable positioning. He played a pivotal role in transforming the brand image and tenant mix of shopping malls, commercial buildings, and IT parks. His proficiency lies in strategically aligning brand and business processes to meet the unique industry demands. His extensive experience and strategic insights underscore his value as a key team member, making a significant impact on our endeavours. 


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