Farmers completely close Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border

26-12-2020 13:49:15
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The agitation of farmers on Saturday sparked a fury on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border demanding the repeal of the three agrarian reform laws passed by the central government and farmers blocked the route from Delhi. Today is the 31st day of the peasant movement.
Rakesh Tikait, President of the Indian Farmers Union, said that the government is firm on its obstinate attitude, in which the patience of the farmers is gradually responding. The governments of the BJP-ruled states are stopping farmers from outside at various places to suppress the movement. On Saturday morning, the police tried to stop the farmers entering the Uttar Pradesh border from Uttarakhand.
In response to a question, Mr. Tikait said, "I want to meet the masters of the leaders of the central government who have taught them that farming is a profitable job."
He said that the son of the farmer also wants to live in the city and he also needs the facility. People of farmer's families also want to live in Delhi-NCR with all the amenities, so now it is right. The movement will not stop even if the lockdown is imposed.
Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said that he has received information through several means that the government is considering a lockdown in the Delhi NCR area with the intention of crushing the farmer movement, for which the cases of Corona are being exaggerated. Efforts are being made to re-create an atmosphere of fear regarding Corona in the country. All these things will not affect the farmers in any way.
He said that then lockdown means that whatever is stopped there, we will follow the same thing and will stay on the border area.


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