Heavy cold in the Delhi-NCR region

18-12-2020 22:50:03
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Normal life was severely affected due to cold in various areas of the capital and national capital on Friday.

The national capital today recorded a maximum temperature of 19.8 degrees Celsius, three degrees below normal, but the coolness can be felt from the minimum temperature recorded here, which was 3.8 degrees Celsius.

Due to snowfall and cold winds in the mountainous region of various states, the minimum temperature in the capital Delhi was three degrees Celsius below normal on Friday morning. It was the cold weather that homeless people were seen roaming on the roadside.

The air quality in Delhi improved by evening which improved from 'very poor' in the morning to 'bad' category. The city's air quality index was at 301 at around 1000 hours during the winter, which is considered to be in the 'very poor' category. It was found to be 272 on the air quality index at six o'clock in the evening which is considered to be of 'poor' category.


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