How Explainer Videos Help in Boosting your Social Media Marketing?

11-05-2020 13:02:16
By : Shrishti Nagar

What’s the deal with animated explainer videos? Are they useful for the current social media generation? Could they actually be your greatest social media marketing tool?

Years ago, blooming social networks were the special thing among online business experts. Almost every company was wondering and evaluating how far could they reach their goals with social media marketing.

Then, that initial social media boom bounded with an online video boom where, through social media generation, the video has turned into the easiest online content to share. On Facebook, photos are liked twice as much as a text, while videos are shared 12 times more than links and text combined. And, on Twitter, 700 videos are being shared every minute.

As you look through your web-based social networking nourishes, you’ll most likely notice something: More than everything else, organizations are posting recordings. Let it out: You’ve observed more than one of those cooking recordings that tell you the best way to make a delicious dish (and perhaps attempted a couple) or the viral ads that everybody discusses. There’s no denying that video has become the favoured substance style via web-based networking media. Need verification?

Videos are preferred on Facebook twice as much as content substance. Video are shared on Facebook in excess of multiple times as regularly as content and connections joined.

So video posting, content marketing, watching and sharing is now defining a new era of Internet users. Major and small online companies alike are turning their efforts to video content, and that’s where animated explainer videos are playing their main role: by effectively telling potential customers about a product or service in less than 2 minutes, they have become the latest and greatest online marketing tool.

What are the precise reasons? Why could they boost your Social Media Campaign?

They’re the most Cost-Effective and Engaging Online Content: Internet and social media are increasingly turning to visual, emotional and quickly engaging media. An animated explainer video combines those three aspects while describing your product or service better than any other online content, and doing it in a cost-effective way: 52% of marketing professionals worldwide mention video as the online content with the best ROI. This is why we say it’s the perfect marketing tool for the social media generation.

An explainer video delivers complex ideas in a simple way, creates engaging visual metaphors by combining those ideas and, at the same time, entices experiences on an emotional level. It can then be shared because of its explanatory and effective content because video can grow conversions up to 60% on average; but also (and most probably so) because of its handsome visuals, attractive storytelling or even its lovable characters.

They’re easily measurable: Every marketing specialist knows that all your efforts must be measurable in order to know the real reach and success of your campaigns. The great thing is that measuring your video’s social media performance can be easier and more thorough than with any other online content. On YouTube, for instance, you can analyze the exact time when your video was watched, if it was played all the way through or not and also how many times it was shared.

Apart from free basic metrics like the ones YouTube or Vimeo offer, there are more complex leased services that lend more in-depth information, like the number of re-watches from the same user or full viewership rates of your video. Besides that, you should already know that every social network has paid promotion services for your video posts that allow you to closely follow your campaign performance.

They could be Viral: Virtualization is a social media user phenomenon that, due to video’s sharing possibilities, genuinely generates free distribution and even free advertising. Your video has the potential to get thousands or even millions of views!

However, people sharing your video is not the same as your video going viral. Going viral means there’s an enormous leap in the quantity of shares.

You also need to know that some videos have a greater likelihood to be viral while others do not. Although there’s no secret to virtualization, we know for a fact that comedy (50%) and how-to videos (38%) are the most likely to become viral. AEVs have both qualities because they explain the product or services in an engaging and perhaps funny way.

As a result, they could easily go viral and eventually increase their marketing benefits for your business.

They’re Mobile-Friendly: Video currently makes up 50% of all mobile online traffic and is expected to grow to 61% in the next two years. In the same line, iPhones and Smartphones hold 40% of YouTube’s global watch time. This trend will do nothing but keep increasing, so every online business is now focusing on creating mobile-friendly videos, so they don’t lose that market.

We already know that an animated marketing video is engaging, short and easily embedding on any platform; so it also becomes the ideal content for mobile marketing purposes.

They’re Useful for any Marketing Campaign: An animated explainer video is not only a perfect social media tool, but it can be equally effective on your website’s landing pages, shared through E-Mail marketing and applied to your business presentations.

With a single investment in an explainer video production company, you can boost every one of your marketing campaigns. The great thing with animated marketing video is that it’s visual, it’s emotional and it’s effective everywhere.


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