Imran Khan blamed America on Pakistani terrorism

21-09-2019 16:49:47
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Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted that Pakistan's land is being used for terrorist activities. Simultaneously, Imran Khan has blamed the US for reaching this state of Pakistan.

Imran Khan has blamed America directly, saying that America has used Pakistan in a wrong way. Imran Khan said that the US used Pakistani territory when it was competing with the Soviet Union in the 80s and when the Soviet Union took control of Afghanistan's land.

The US prepared the people of Pakistan for Jihad to strengthen its position in Afghanistan. Imran Khan admitted that the terrorists had been trained by Pakistan with the support of America. Funding was done by the US intelligence agency CIA to create this organization.

When this terrorist organization became stronger, the Soviet Union retreated from Afghanistan because after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, it was spending a lot of money and military labor.

Gradually, jihadi organizations in Pakistan and Afghanistan started strengthening, after which America started feeling threatened by them.

The US cleverly started calling the jihadis used for their own interest as terrorists. The brunt of which America suffered from the terrorist incident at the World Trade Center.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we should have already understood this trap of America and taken completely independent decisions, but due to the failures of our previous government, Pakistan is in a difficult condition today.

Imran Khan also says that Pakistan has lost a lot of its money in the struggle that has been going on for years. It was detrimental for us to be involved in US policies for Pakistan, after which the US gave Pakistan a shadow of its failure


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