Locust terror reaches Gurugram, administration issued advisory

27-06-2020 12:30:20
By : Shrishti Nagar

People living in Gurugram of Haryana, adjacent to the national capital Delhi, would be better off keeping their windows closed to avoid the terror of locusts. The city administration has issued such a directive on Friday in view of the potential danger of locust invasion. Apart from this, people have also been asked to make noise by playing utensils, so that the team of locusts does not stop there. According to the administration, "The locust swarm has reached Mahendragarh district in Haryana and is likely to reach the Rewari border. Due to these circumstances, the Gurugram administration has issued a consultation for the common people, stating that people should The windows should be kept closed and noise should be made by playing tin boxes, utensils and drums so that the locusts run away.

Along with this, it has been said that farmers should also keep their pumps ready (for pesticide spray) so that they can be used when needed. Apart from this, the Gurugram administration has asked the employees of the Agriculture Department to go to the villages and give information in this regard and spread awareness.


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