Ministry of Tourism Steps Up to Help Stranded Foreign Tourists

11-04-2020 14:11:02
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                      Photo: A 25-year-old Japanese tourist (female) stranded during Nationwide Lock-down in Goa  (India)

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, has come forward to help the stranded foreign tourists in various parts of the country. Over 1200 foreign tourists have got multiple benefits from this portal of Government of India. 
Portal titled – Stranded in India is meant for foreign travelers stranded anywhere in the country.

“The world is facing an unprecedented situation today. The Ministry of Tourism is with you in these difficult times. We are truly committed towards the safety of one and all. If you are a foreign traveller stranded anywhere in India due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can help you get in touch with the concerned authorities”, the front page message of the portal reads.

Apart from providing links and boxes of relevant queries or grievances, the authorities concerned have also offered helpline numbers and whatsapp numbers for quick access to the stranded forign tourists anywhere in the country.

The Government of India’s such creative efforts came into light when an American woman, who was stranded in the Supaul district of Bihar and her was undergoing a surgery in Delhi, sent an SOS through the above given portal of the Tourism Ministry.

Soon after getting information, the Ministry swung into action and established required inter-ministerial, inter-departmental and state-Centre coordination to ensure all possible helps to the stranded tourist. The creative and sincere efforts of the Governments ultimately brought a fruitful results and the U.S. citizen was provided a special transit-permit, apart from required means of travel to reach New Delhi. The woman however expressed her utmost gratitude for the tourism ministry's efforts.

“Gradually, the portal emerged as a crucial helping hand for such tourists. As many as 1,194 tourists have received assistance through the portal as of April 9. This apart, the ministry has also received about 800 till April 10”, a government official of the concerned department said.

The portal lists details about a Ministry of External Affairs Covid-19 control centre, with a list of dedicated desks of officials handling different geographic locations, including the U.S., Italy, Spain, Japan, China, Russia and Latin America.

Noticeably, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, has also established a 24X7 portal for coordination of COVID – 19 across the country. The Ministry has however came up with a list of detailing about the tourists from different parts of the world including America, Japan, Russia, Italy, China and other countries. 


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