More than 84 million chickens are being protected from bird flu in Japan

20-11-2020 11:46:29
By : Ekansh Pandey

The government will take necessary steps to save more than 84 lakh chickens in the wake of a new wave of birdflu in Shikoku Island, Japan.

According to media reports, a large number of chickens have died in the Kagawa region within the last few weeks. Testing has confirmed that these chickens are infected with birdflu. Japanese officials believe the recent outbreak of the sixth and seventh wave of birdflu has spread. Its report that 3.50 lakh chickens will be kept in one field while 4.95 lakh chickens will be kept in another farm.

The H5 flu outbreak was first confirmed at a bird farm near the town of Mitayo, Kagawa. Around four thousand chickens died here in the first week of November. On November 13, Russia banned the import of chickens from Japan in view of the outbreak of bird flu.


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