North Korea is All Set to Take Action Against South Korea

16-06-2020 18:36:21
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The Army staffs of the North Korea are all set to take action against the South Korea, if the defector groups push ahead with their campaign to send propaganda leaflets into North Korea.

The General Staff of the Korean People's Army (KPA) said it has been studying an ‘action plan’ to reenter zones that had been demilitarized under a 2018 inter-Korean pact. The KPA in a statement carried by the official KCNA, said, "Our army will rapidly and thoroughly implement any decisions and orders of the Party and government”. Tensions have risen as Pyongyang threatened to sever inter-Korean ties and take retaliatory measures over the leaflets, which carry messages critical of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un including human rights abuses.

The Defense Ministry of Seoul called for Pyongyang to abide by the 2018 agreement, in which both sides' militaries vowed to cease ‘all hostile acts’ and dismantled a number of structures along the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone between the two countries. The Ministry spokesperson said, “We are taking the situation seriously”, adding that their military was maintaining readiness posture to be able to respond to any situation.  Several defector-led groups have regularly sent back flyers, together with food, $1 bills, mini radios and USB sticks containing South Korean dramas and news, usually by balloon over the border or in bottles by river. Kim Yo Jong had on Saturday said that his sister, who served as a senior official of the ruling Workers' Party, had ordered the military to prepare for unspecified ‘next action’.

On the other hands, the South Korea plans legal action against two of the defector groups, saying their actions fuel cross-border tensions, pose risks to residents living near the border and cause environmental damage.


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