Observer Dawn Staff Details

25-01-2023 13:15:41
By : Santosh Kumar

Observer Dawn is an all-new, English language monthly from New Delhi, with its own broad-based stories in the crowded news market of the national capital. As the name signifies, Observer Dawn is created to bring in a paradigm shift in the way a monthly media tool is configured and reached out to both visible and invisible readers. Invisible readers, in a sense, that it needs the continuous presence of magazines to blend threads with them and acknowledge what they want.

Our Staff details are below:


Editor: Hariom Tyagi

Business Editor: Yogesh Sood

News Editor: Ravinder Kumar

Associate Editor: Nitin Konde

Consulting Editor: Rakesh Purohit and Dinesh Gaur

Sub Editor: Shrishti S Nagar

Senior Reporter: Deepak Mandhan

Design Head: Santosh Kumar

Senior Producer: Robin Gupta

Photographer: Sachin Kumar

Chandigarh Bureau Chief: Anup Kumar

Chief Manager: Lokesh Sharma

Manager: Sanjeev kr. singh


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