Oil prices stable today after a five-day fast

25-11-2020 12:01:09
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Oil marketing companies did not make any changes in the price of both fuels on Wednesday after raising prices of petrol and diesel for five consecutive days. Earlier in five days, diesel 95 and petrol 53 paise per liter was expensive. Crude oil international remained strong on Tuesday, after the international market was more expensive by two percent on Monday. For the first time since March, its price has reached $ 47 per barrel.

Oil prices in the international market were seen to be strong amid good news of vaccine for Corona virus. On November 20, the prices of both fuels were raised for the first time after being held steady for 48 days.

Petrol remained flat at Rs 81.59 per liter in Delhi, while diesel remained flat at Rs 71.41 per liter and in Mumbai in the commercial city Rs 88.29 per liter and diesel at Rs 77.90 per liter. Petrol in Kolkata stayed at Rs 83.15 per liter and diesel at Rs 74.98 per liter, in Chennai petrol was priced at Rs 84.64 per liter and diesel Rs 76.88 per liter.

According to IOCL, today the price of petrol and diesel in the four major metros of the country is as follows.

(Price in Rs per liter .... )

City           Diesel        Petrol

Delhi           71.41         81.59

Mumbai       77.90         88.29

Kolkata        74.98         83.15

Chennai       76.88        84.64


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