Over 700 dead in British Columbia in one week due to heat wave : Official

03-07-2021 16:39:57
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A heat wave in Canada's westernmost province of British Columbia took the lives of over 700 in one week, Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe said in a statement on public safety.


"Over the seven days from Friday, June 25 through Thursday, July 1, 719 deaths have been reported to B.C.’s coroners. This number is preliminary and subject to increase as additional reported deaths are entered into our system. The 719 deaths reported is three times more than what would normally occur in the province during the same period," Lapointe said.


Lapointe added that deaths are going down even though some parts of the province continue to experience "unusually high temperatures."


The coroner has advised people to stay at cooler areas such as malls, libraries and any other community space which may be airconditioned.


"Many of the deaths experienced over the past week were among older individuals living alone in private residences with minimal ventilation," the Chief Coroner added.


The heat wave in British Columbia had also caused wildfires that damaged local infrastructure and forced the evacuation of residents. Canada registered a record-high temperature for the third consecutive day of 49.6 degrees Celsius (121.3 degrees Fahrenheit) on Tuesday.



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