Over 800 people in Uganda get fake COVID-19 vaccine shots - Reports

01-07-2021 11:40:18
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More than 800 people in Uganda have been vaccinated against the coronavirus with a fake drug and some of the victims died in the second wave of the pandemic, the local Daily Monitor newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing the health monitoring department.


According to the report, the fake vaccines were administered in the country's capital, Kampala, from May 15 to June 17. Several suspects, including a doctor, who is now on the run, were in the scheme. Most likely, they put water in the vials, and then sold them to people and companies, the newspaper said.


"The contents of labels of this vaccine are suspected to have either been stolen from somewhere or manufactured from Nasser Road in Kampala but they did not pass the right channels of the government," Wallen Naamara, the head of the state health monitoring authority, was cited as saying.


The volume of the illegal vials seemed off compared to the real COVID-19 vaccines and their caps also seemed to have been tempered with, Naamara told the Daily Monitor.


The police have reportedly raided a fake vaccine center in Kampala and arrested two nurses involved in the fraudulent scheme. During the operation, law enforcement officers managed to obtain a list of people who have been vaccinated with the fake drug and the numbers of their vaccination certificates.


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