Panna Tiger Reserve gets International Recognition

30-10-2020 11:49:59
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Panna Tiger Reserve has been identified by UNESCO as 12th Biosphere Reserve in the tiger resettlement plan in Panna, Madhya Pradesh.

According to official information, this announcement was made on Wednesday to enhance the natural qualities of emerald in the international horizon. Nature, environment and wildlife lovers are appalled by the news of emeralds being added to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserve.

Retired Forest Officer R. Srinivas Murthy, who has made significant contributions to tiger conservation, expressed his happiness on this unique achievement and congratulated the residents of Panna.

The beautiful forests and eclipses of Panna in the Vindhya mountain range are nothing short of a miracle. Its geographical structure, biodiversity and natural beauty are fascinating. The people of Panna have preserved and preserved this precious natural heritage to a great extent, despite adverse conditions and economic backwardness.


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