Rahul Gandhi Trying to Diminish PM Modi’s Image: BJP Chief, JP Nadda

20-07-2020 18:10:50
By : Pravin Mishra

Replying to the Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi’s criticism against Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the BJP Chief, J P Nadda, has on Monday said that the Congress leader tried to politicize the foreign policy issues by making statements. These are baseless and having poor facts, in fact, these are strong on mudslinging.

Nadda said that for years, one dynasty is trying to destroy the prime minister. Nadda’s reaction came after Rahul Gandhi, in a sharper attack at PM Modi, said the LAC standoff in Ladakh is not simply a border dispute but a design by China to attack his image as a 56-inch strongman.

The BJP Chief said, “In recent years, be it Doklam or the present, Rahul Gandhi Ji prefers briefings from the Chinese instead of believing India's armed forces. Why does one dynasty want a weak India and a strong China? Many leaders in the Congress also disapprove of one dynasty's shenanigans”. Dubbing the latest video of Rahul Gandhi on the Ladakh stand-off issue as a failed attempt to prelaunch himself, JP Nadda said as usual the Congress leader is "weak on facts" and "strong on mudslinging".

The Saffron Party Chief alleged that since the 1950s, China has made strategic investments in one dynasty that has given them rich dividends.


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