Second part of 'The Hidden Hindu' trilogy released

06-09-2022 17:27:03
By : Sanjeev Singh

Screenwriter-turned-author Akshat Gupta is out with the second part of his bestselling mythology-based thrilling series "The Hidden Hindu".

Published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI), the second book in the trilogy takes the storyline from the cliffhanger in the first book to bring to the readers a myriad of revelations and twists. It was released on Monday. "The Hidden Hindu" brought forth the story of Prithvi, a 21-year-old searching for a mysterious 'aghori', Om Shashtri, who was traced more than 200 years ago before he was captured and transported to a high-tech facility on an isolated Indian island.

If you have liked the first part, then you are going to absolutely love The Hidden Hindu 2. It has unexpected twists and breathtaking revelations which will keep the readers on the edge. I am grateful for the love that has been showered for the first part and hope that they continue to show the same excitement and enthusiasm," Gupta said in a statement. The story further proceeds to disclose the incredible revelations of the mystical 'aghori' that could shake up the ancient beliefs of the present and alter the course of the future.

According to the publishers, "The Hidden Hindu 2" is a "gripping, action-packed" book and takes the story forward with unexpected twists and turns. "The Hidden Hindu 2' is the much-awaited sequel to the bestselling book 'The Hidden Hindu'... Many congratulations to Akshat Gupta, and I hope this is a bigger success than the first book in the series," said Milee Ashwarya, publisher, Ebury Publishing and Vintage at PRHI.

The trilogy has been acquired for a screen adaptation by Dhoni Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


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