Silence in the ghats due to corona

01-12-2020 11:11:42
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The Karthik Purnima fair faded and the number of people bathing on the Ganga Ghats fell on their fingers due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona epidemic in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh.

A heavy police force was stationed on the routes leading to the Ghats and around the Ghats. In the district, Anoopshahar Narora Rajghat Karan Vas Bihar Ghat Ramghat Mandu Ashram Food etc are held on Kartik Purnima which have ancient history. Devotees have been coming here from the surrounding district as well as from Delhi Haryana Punjab Rajasthan Uttarakhand to take a bath in the Ganges.

Due to Corona epidemic, on the instructions of the state government, the district administration had banned the Kartik fair and appealed to the devotees not to come for bath on the full moon day. However, the administration was allowed to donate lamps for the peace of souls of their families, due to which the devotees carried out the tradition of Deepdan on Sunday evening. Since this morning, the police force was stationed on the routes to and from the Kartik Mela. By the way, few devotees came, whom the police administration officials deemed citing the ban and sent them back.

Despite this, some people took a bath in the Ganges on the full moon and asked for ransom and worshiped in the temples situated at the Ganges Ghat.


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