Stay hydrated to stay healthy this season

12-05-2020 11:06:09
By : Shrishti Nagar

During this time, when seasonal health issues are prevalent, experts say drinking an adequate amount of water can keep health problems at bay. It is also believed to be a natural way out in easing symptoms of viral infections like flu, according to Dr Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Lab Director, SastaSundar Genu Path Labs.

“Water keeps your organs and tissues healthy and hydrated. It keeps your kidneys and bladder healthy by flushing out toxins. It transports oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. It keeps your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature in control. It encourages better digestion, prevents constipation and promotes normal bowel function. It treats headaches, migraines and muscle cramps effectively,” he said.

“Dehydration causes body and mind stress. Drink adequate water to keep the levels down. Lack of water causes dehydrated muscles after an intense workout. So drink water to charge up them up,” Dr Bhattacharya said.

“If your body lacks water, your skin reflects it. Ageing signs become more prominent. Water enhances your beauty by hydrating and flushing out toxins from your body, making you look younger and brighter,” he said.

“Not drinking sufficient water can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Drinking water dilutes the minerals and salts in your urine, that otherwise form solid crystal-like stones due to water deficiency in your body,” Dr Bhattacharya said.

He said, “Weight loss was never so easy! Water makes you feel full and increases your body’s metabolism rate. Opt for water rather than calorie-filled drinks. Try having a glass of cold water to speed up the metabolism process.”

“Dehydration takes a toll on your mood and thinking ability. Drink plenty of water to improve your mood, to gain focus and to think clearly,” Dr Bhattacharya said.

“ Alcohol consumption causes more urination and fatigue. Drink water to rehydrate and re-energize yourself. If, you feel tired all the time, then, your body is lacking water. Dehydration motivates your body to function less, so, drink water to diminish fatigue,” he said.

Dr Bhattacharya said, “Bad breath is a clear sign of dehydration. Drinking water keeps your mouth moist and washes away bacteria and food particles. Water dilutes the smelly compounds created by the bacteria”.

“The simple things make the most extraordinary things! It is the wise who can see them. So, be intelligent and make efforts to drink sufficient water daily to experience the benefit,” he added.


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