The bandh in Kanpur was 'ineffective' due to strict police surveillance

08-12-2020 21:21:42
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In Uttar Pradesh's industrial city Kanpur, the Bharat Bandh stakes by opposition parties in support of the farmers movement turned their back on them.

On the call of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of the state, Yogi Adityanath, the residents of Kanpur were not in favor of the Indian prisoners, but the farmers were standing with the bill being raised in the interest of the country and the markets remained open. During this period, the effect of the preparations of the district and police administration was also seen on the square intersections, wholesale markets, roads of the city.

The detainees in the Kanpur division became ineffective due to the surveillance and detention of activists, SPI and Congressmen who were demonstrating in support of the prisoners. The opposition of the Bharat Bandh was announced on Tuesday.

In Kanpur, the SPs gathered at the Teachers Park in Parade and tried to perform. From morning onwards, the police administration was converted into a cantonment under surveillance by officials. The administration did not allow the protesters to gather for any peasant movement in the area.

Some policemen came to protest on the Barra bypass, and the police got angry. People also did not listen to the leaders of the Congress party, who were desperately trying to shut down the business establishments. The district and police administration kept a close watch on the houses of several officials including Congress leaders Harprakash Agnihotri, Pawan Gupta. Kanpur rural district chief Usha Kori was taken into custody by the police and kept an eye on her in Indira Nagar. Meanwhile, activists who took to the streets were also detained.

The impact of the Bharat Bandh was not visible in Kalyanpur. All the shops in the vegetable market in Kalyanpur housing development remained open. All the vegetable traders come from Bithur, Chaubepur and shop here. Business establishments remained open in the wholesale markets of Gumti, Nawabganj, Barra, Govind Nagar, Sisamau, Shivala Bazar, Nayaganj and Express Road, as usual, and shopkeepers were seen in a safe environment as usual.


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