Unity and patience of the people of Mumbai are unmatched: Ratan Tata

26-11-2020 13:57:28
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Industrialist and Tata Sons Group Emirati chairman Ratan Tata on Thursday said on the 12th anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack that a wide variety of people living in the commercial city, bypassing all differences at the time of the crisis, Sentiment and patience were shown The main target of the 26/11 Mumbai attack was the Taj Hotel of the Tata group.

More than 150 people were killed and more than 300 were injured in this attack. Ratan Tata wrote a very emotional post on Instagram on the 12th anniversary of the attack which he has also shared on his Twitter handle. Mr. Tata has also shared the picture of Hotel Taj with the post.

Ratan Tata wrote, "The devastation that took place 12 years ago today cannot be forgotten. But more than that it is a matter of remembering how different people united in Mumbai that day. Having fought against terrorism and destruction, forgetting all our differences. That is commendable and we need to preserve our unity. "

He said, "Today we must certainly mourn the honor of the brave people who sacrificed their lives in the face of the enemy, but we should also appreciate how we have shown unity, kindness and sensitivity. And we hope to retain it in the years to come. "


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