Want to learn Digital Marketing? Here's why it is a Good Idea

25-04-2020 12:42:21
By : Shrishti Nagar

Digital marketing is almost similar to conventional marketing techniques. The only difference is that digital marketing uses a digital tool to get the job done. Its history is about 100 years old. But the invention of the internet has taken its importance and scope to the next level. Every company or business enterprise wants to have a robust digital presence. It adds a new dimension to the buyer-seller interaction. The need for this digital presence has created a lot of opportunities now. The presence of a vast number of digital marketing courses is an indication of the growing popularity.

Types of Career Options Available in the Digital Marketing Field

As the internet grows, the number of jobs in digital marketing is always on the rise. It has tons of options to pick up.

  • Reputation Management Consultants
  • Search engine optimization specialist
  • Email marketer
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Web designer
  • Content manager and curation
  • Copywriter
  • Social media account handler
  • Video/audio producer.

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

Here are a few benefits of getting a job in the digital marketing industry –

  • Demanding Job

In 2020, there is no devoid of opportunities for content creators, social media strategists, or affiliate marketers. While these are mainly for the creative minds, the tech experts have got areas like SEO or SEM to follow. All these options provide a highly paid and satisfactory job. According to a study, there will be almost 2 million digital marketing jobs in the United Kingdom by 2020. But there are not enough candidates to fill all the gaps. The existing digital marketing professional is 44% less than the demand. So, acquiring digital marketing skills will help you to build a brilliant career in the future.

  • Flexibility

A digital marketer, you will have some freedom. You will get to choose the company type you would work in. For example, Reputation Management Consultants work for brands, an individual, an IT company, or in a social networking platform. It would not bind you to a particular type of company as the other type of job.

  • High Salary

We have already mentioned, the demand for digital marketing candidates is surpassing the supply. It increases the value of the existing professionals. Having digital marketing skills will enable you to negotiate a better deal with your employer. When capable professionals are scarce, the companies offer a higher salary to compete with their competitors.

  • Start Your Career

In regular jobs, the candidates have to wait for a chance to work with a company. However, digital marketing professionals can start their careers on their own. Give a thought about the online influencers, the bloggers, or YouTube stars. They have made their fan base. Eventually, this same fan base will help them to work with the companies that they always wanted. One such example is Holly Shortall. Her tweets about the celebrity illustrations made her famous. The next thing she knew was that a lot of top magazines and channels were willing to work with her. 


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