Forces Withdrawn from Hot Spring Areas of Indo-China Border

07-07-2020 18:01:59
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Among other major development in India-China Border dispute, China has decided to complete the withdrawal of its troops by 2 km from the already defined Hot Springs areas of Eastern Ladakh by the end of the day.

It has also completed a 2 km withdrawal to their side of the Line of Actual Control in Galwan. The process of withdrawal in Gogra will be completed by tomorrow, July 8, 2020. On the other hands, India has also withdrawn an equal distance in all three areas and the area in between is a buffer zone meant to separate the soldiers of both sides. A future decision on patrolling in the region will be taken after the next round of military talks which will take place in less than two weeks from now.

Sources revealed China has dismantled its camps at PP 14 or Patrol Point 14 in Galwan and began withdrawing from Sunday.  Patrolling Points are the farthest points that the Indian Army patrols in Ladakh and are located virtually on the Line of Actual Control between India and China.  With the Chinese withdrawal in Galwan, PLA forces are firmly on their side of the LAC. There will be no patrolling by the Armies of either side within the Buffer zone. The entire developments took place after the two sides agreed to completely disengage from the border flashpoint and ensure a phased and stepwise de-escalation in the India-China border areas.

The temporary constructions that were built by the Chinese soldiers at the illegally occupied site at the river-bend embankment are being removed by both sides.  


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