Wah Life with Sumita

04-02-2022 11:48:28

Wah Life with Sumita

One fine day during the winters of 2015, Sumita Gupta realised that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to continue with her hobby of horticulture, one that she was leaving the house with an expansive balcony and shifting to an apartment with small balconies and second that she was finding it very difficult to even walk few steps with ease because of her weight.

The girl who was supposed to be lean during her marriage had now doubled and reached a massive kilo of 92 of weight.  With weight came along thyroid or vice versa, acid reflux issues, knee joint issues. She was severely upset about the thought of letting go of her hobby of horticulture.

The shock came when the orthopaedic suggested knee replacement surgery at the age of 40. She has just been cured of chikungunya and undergone food pipe surgery. The orthopaedic had also suggested meeting a dietician.

There was darkness all around, and the entire family was concerned about it.

She thought of taking a second opinion on her visit to her native place; she met an orthopaedic who suggested that if she could shed some 20 kg, she could extend the knee replacement surgery for some more years.

She met a dietitian, followed a strict diet plan regime, and lost some five kilos, this gave her a lot of confidence, and she tried to walk some 500 meters with great difficulty each day. Another loss of 5 kilos through diet gave her the much-needed confidence, and she started pulling off 1 km a day.

In the next 90 days, she was pulling off 2, then 3, then 4 and finally 8 km each day with a strict healthy food and diet plan and two hours of yoga.

In 5 months, she was down to 66 from a massive 92 kg.

The saree clad lady moved up to a denim diva; there was a major transformation in her wardrobe, lifestyle, confidence and approach. She became an inspiration, and over a dozen tried to repeat it but miserably failed to lose an inch or a kilo. It takes willpower and commitment to do so.

Today, Sumita serves hundreds of people pro bono through her online yoga classes; It’s called “ Wah Life with Sumita.”

So food matters, discipline matters, healthy habit matters, yoga matters, hobby matters, healthy lifestyle matters.

Sumita is a horticulture expert and is associated with the following: organisations as a Life member in AIKGA (All India Kitchen Garden Association, Executive member: Indraprastha Horticulture Society, Executive Member: Indraprastha Bonsai society, Member: ISOCS (Indian Society of Cacti and Succulents).

Sumita has appeared in many TV Shows and published in many magazines. She is an expert in terrariums (bottle gardens) and small tray gardens. She is also an expert in healthy home-cooked food. Together with a strict regime of Yoga, Healthy Food, and her horticulture hobby, she can maintain her mind and body.



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